2019 is coming.....

Congratulations!  You made it through the holiday gift making-and-giving season!    Those beautiful cherished holiday gifts you created have found their home.

Now it's time for some "selfish stitching".  What have you wanted to make for yourself?  Did you really love that cowl (or hat? or scarf?) you knit for your daughter? Knit or crochet  one of your own! Have you been wanting to quilt a new table runner for your dining room table? Come in and choose your fabric.  Do you want to crochet yourself a new sweater?  Or try your hand at needlepoint or cross stitch?  

Now is the time to make something for yourself.  Treat yourself!  Visit The Stitchin' Den and get some ideas.  Then go home, put on your favorite music, and do some selfish stitching!  You deserve It!

Happy New Year from The Stitchin' Den!