Bag those plastic bags forever!

On April 22, people in 193 countries will celebrate Earth Day.  This is a day set aside to  promote global awareness of environmental issues.  The use of plastic is always front and center.  Knitters, crocheters, seamstresses, and other crafters  are in an awesome position to promote the elimination of single-use plastic bags.  We can sew, knit, weave, crochet, or macrame market bags that will be used multiple times.

No, our handmade bags will not eliminate plastic bags, but if enough of us craft and USE a reusable bag, we can make a dent in the waste of plastic on Earth.  Here is a sampling of bags we can make and use for this Earth Day and beyond.

Knitters, here are some ideas of bags for you to make........

The "Let's Go Shopping Bag" is a simple and clever bag created by Ava Adore and available free on Ravelry.  I am currently knitting this bag out of "Symphony", a combination yarn that is 60% cotton, 40% wool.  I'm using a wild multi-color, which will make this bag as much fun to carry as it is to knit!


The "Forget me Not" market bag is a great way to try  one of The Stitchin' Den's new yarns, also named "Forget Me Not" (a lovely cotton).  In addition to bags, this new chunky yarn is great for blankets and baby clothes.  It is machine washable and dryable and oh, so soft!                                :

The "Windmill Bag" intriques me.  It is a free Ravelry pattern, consisting of 4 panels.  Each panel can be a different yarn, a different color  and a different stitch!  The pattern is like a canvas, waiting for you to fill in the spaces with your own creativity and yarn.  Create these four rectangles in your choice of yarn, color, and stitches, sew them together, and enjoy the compliments!             


Ravelry also has several bags for crocheters  "to take to market."  If you are a crocheter who wants to celebrate Earth Day with a new market bag, please go to Ravelry and choose your favorite from many great crocheted bags.  (I had technical difficulties, or I would have put specific patterns here -- sorry!!!).

Whatever bag you choose to make, most bags are made of cotton or linen.  The Stitchin' Den has many new cotton yarns for you to use in your bag.  Come in, exam these yarns, and try your favorite patterns with one of these new yarns.  Just a thought... Do I see your Earth Day projects becoming next year's Christmas presents?  

Earth Day celebrations remind people worldwide to take personal responsibility for plastic pollution by choosing to reject, reduce, or reuse plastics.  What will you do this year to celebrate Earth Day and beyond?  We encourage you to make yourself a new market bag and be ready for those soon-to-come Farmer's Markets!