Celebrate the Seasons: Four Seasons - Aspen Kit

     One of the pleasures of living in the mountains of Colorado is enjoying each season to its fullest. We embrace the warm, busy days and wildflowers of summer, the bugling elk and spectacular colors of fall, the quiet beauty of our snowy winters, and the warmer days of spring when signs of life appear as the snow melts. We know that it is truly spring when the aspens skeletal beauty gives way to soft cattails. Their silvery green leaves and the gentle sound of the wind through them is the song of summer. And who can resist their autumn glory as their vibrant yellow leaves mellow into orange.

     Inspired by our four seasons, Debi Routh, our resident quilting expert and designer, created Four Seasons - Aspen Kit, which captures the simple beauty of our Rocky Mountain Aspens. “Four-season art pieces always remind me that no matter the season, there is always something wonderful to enjoy,” stated Debi. Each of the four panels has unique colors and/or shades. They are bare, bright green, green and golden yellow. 

     Debi designed the pattern using a slashing technique which she has been doing since she first saw a slashed block quilt. Selecting an aspen tree as the theme, however, added a bit of a challenge when creating the pattern. Luckily, she had a wide range of botanical prints and colors at The Stitchin' Den which helped her capture the spirit of our mountains.

     When asked about the difficulty level of the pattern, Debi remarked, "I’m always asked if a beginner can do a class. A beginner can make this runner by learning as they go. So many quilters start with a quilt they fall in love with, but never knowing how complicated it is when they start. An intermediate quilter would be very comfortable with this pattern.  Adding sashing strips to the slashed pieces is the most challenging.  Adding the applique is a breeze. It is ironed on with straight stitches for the stems of the snowflakes. Part of quilting fun is making your project your own. You might want to add custom stitching, use a different applique technique or make the table runner into a lap quilt. This is just the start of where you can go.”

When asked how Debi will finish the project, she said," I have not quilted this runner yet. I’m thinking I will do straight lines in the background, about 1/8” apart. Straight or angled. Then I’ll stitch in the ditch, skipping over the leaves and snowflakes around the border. I’m still thinking about the border. "

When asked what else Debi has in the works, she said, “I always have something brewing in my head. For instance, I’m working on a pattern for the new colors of The Stitchin’ Den custom fabrics.”

Although no class is offered at this time, kits are available now and individual patterns will be available soon.