Confessions of a Monogamous Knitter

 My knitting friends know me as a monogamous knitter. In fact, it is a joke in the shop. I have friends who like to work on multiple projects at a time. They like the variety; it keeps knitting interesting for them. I prefer to knit one project at a time and get it finished. This allows me to get into the rhythm of the pattern, and how the yarn works and helps me maintain consistent tension. I also like finishing projects. If I put something down for too long, I lose interest in it. This is especially true with colorwork. If I put colorwork down for any amount of time, I have to rethink how I like to carry the yarn and reacquaint myself with the charts.
I started a Fair Isle cowl at the beginning of March. It is a pattern that repeats about every 40 rows. I selected it because I wanted to knit a colorwork piece and this pattern looked interesting. I have enjoyed knitting it, but frankly, it is taking a while. It is knitted on US size 2 and the yarn is carried in the front of my work when working on the wrong side. Although it can be tedious, I have gotten into the rhythm of carrying both colors of yarn in one hand.
Now, I must confess that I have veered from my commitment to monogamous knitting. Since I started the cowl, I have knitted a hat for my husband and started a summer vest. The hat was a travel project, which I finished on my trip. I had no desire to take a Fair Isle project on the road (too much trouble). I started the summer vest for an entirely different reason, I wanted a break and something for warmer weather. As interesting as the colorwork on the cowl is, the needles are small, and progress can be slow. It is also possible that I have a case of spring fever. The ice blue color and spring feel of Sueno DK by Hikoo (a bamboo and merino blend) are hard to resist. I love the look of the Waterrock Vest, so I started that one evening when I just wanted something simple.
The rub is that I cannot put the vest down. I know that I will finish it before I pick up the colorwork cowl again. This time, however, I will complete the cowl before I take up another project. I just hate putting something down before I finish it. It is like quitting a book before the end. I don’t want to wonder how it ends. So, I am back to monogamous knitting. I just like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a project. That means I will not start my next project until the ends are woven in, and the project is blocked.