Finishing With an I-Cord

   This week, I finished my first summer project, the Waterrock Vest designed by Jennifer Sadler. I knitted my summer version with Sueno by DK Hikoo. This blend of superwash merino and bamboo is perfect for layering over a summer tee or wearing as a sleeveless sweater. It has been a quick and interesting project with the front and back in a ribbed pattern and the hems and sides worked in a seeded rib. Once established, the pattern was easy to “read”  on the needles, so I could watch tv or listen to my audiobook while I knitted.             
  After using a three-needle bind-off for the shoulder seams, the pattern called for an I-Cord bind-off for the armholes and sleeves. I love this type of edging for my projects. It produces a tidy edge and frankly, is fun to knit. Since it is not a ribbed edge, you don’t have to worry about picking up even numbers of stitches. My pattern called for picking up 60 stitches around each armhole, and I aimed for that number. I didn’t worry, however, when I ended up with 61 or 59. My goal was to pick up the stitches as evenly as possible and to stay as close to the number stated in the pattern. Such flexibility is not an option when working a ribbed edging.
   The steps for an I-Cord bind-off are simple. After picking up stitches with a circular needle, cast on 2 stitches using a cable cast-on technique. K1, K2tog, slide 2 stitches back onto the left-hand needle. Repeat to the end. Below is a video tutorial by SweaterFreak. I hope that you have a chance to try this bind-off technique with one of your summer projects. You may discover that it will be one of your favorites!