Hats off to Travel! Knitting on the Go

Vacation Knitting Is Great

My husband and I just returned from a spring trip to the Bahamas. There is nothing like leaving snow for a warm sunny beach, especially in late March and early April when we are wishing for spring. I always include a knitting project on my packing list. Plane rides are boring and long and having a knitting project to take along helps constructively pass the time. Plus, the process of selecting a pattern and yarn gets me in vacation mode. I look for one or two-skeins projects that are simple and require a small number of tools (needles, stitch markers, etc.).

Howard's Tam Hat Project

This year, I decided to knit a hat for my husband, Howard's Tam which is designed by Lisa Woung. He requested another beanie and, since he likes cables, this pattern fit the bill. It certainly met my travel criteria as it is a one-skein wonder, the pattern instructions fit on one page (and my phone), and the only tools I required were circular needles, stitch markers, a row counter, and a cable needle. I always cast on the night before my trip because it is easy to pass through security if stitches are on my needles. I have never been questioned by TSA, so I guess this strategy works. In addition, I am less likely to lose my stitch markers and row counter when they are already secure on my needles. As you can see in the photo everything fit into a small project bag that I tucked into my carry-on tote. The tote fit under the seat in front of me, so I had easy access to it during the flight.

Vacation Knitting Project Bag

Since I decided to knit this one using the Magic Loop method, no double-pointed needles were needed. Below, is a tutorial by Very PInk Knits, on the Magic Loop method.

 With warmer weather and vacation time on its way, you might want to consider looking for a small project to take along. I like to check out Ravelry on my lunch breaks. When I find a travel project, it is simple to add it to my favorites. You might want to do the same. Happy travels.