Let's talk about monogamy...

in your stitching projects!  Do you start a project, then finish it before you start another?  Congratulations!  Or are you polygamous? .Do you start one project, then another, then another?  I am definitely NOT monogamous when it comes to my knitting.  I start a project, then start another project, then another and another.  Obviously, many projects go unfinished for long periods of time.

If you are monogamous in your stitching, you start and finish a project before starting another....and I admire you.  Last night, I counted my works in progress and was surprised to discover I have eight unfinished projects on needles...no wonder I have to keep buying needles!  I could blame this situation on working at The Stitchin' Den...the temptations of beautiful yarn are truly too much for my limited self discipline.

My largest UFO is an Einstein Coat.  All of us who worked at the shop in 2012 began this classic pattern by Sally Melville.  It is knit with worsted yarn in garter stitch.  Piece of cake, huh?  For J'Ann it was!  She has knit 3 of these to date, and I still haven't finished one.  But, something else grabbed my attention, and this project is still in my WIP pile. (sigh)

A beautiful cabled vest knit from Mountain Meadow Laramie yarn is also in that pile...it needs to be blocked and sewn together and it would be finished.  The "Blanket Poncho", a gorgeous mosaic garment, is waiting for a border..Also in that pile are various hats, mitts, scarves, cowls.  I did try monogamy last week...I started AND finished a baby blanket.  It is blocked AND in the mail to its recipient.  What a glorious feeling of accomplishment for me!  Monogamy is becoming more appealing!

So I asked J'Ann, a truly a monogamous knitter, how she sticks to one project at a time.  She says when she begins a project, she is excited about it and very interested in it and wants to see it through.  She gets "into the zone" until the project is finished.  She worries she'll lose interest in a project if she works on more than one at a time. The only time this extraordinary knitter might start a second project is when she travels.  Traveling demands simple, small, easy projects, that she can do without a pattern that are easy to carry like a pair of socks.  I admire J'Ann for the number of projects she completes.  She often wears one of her creations in the shop for all of us to enjoy.

How about your projects?   Do you work on several projects at a time?  If so, perhaps you and I should start a "UFO Support Group"!  Or are you a monogamous crafter that  finishes one project before you start another?   Whatever your style is, I wish you satisfaction, warmth and a sense of accomplishment in all of your finished stitching projects.