Make Your Wishes Come True with Your Stitchin’ Den Wishlist

As the holidays approach, I have urged my kids and grandkids to create wish lists. I want to treat them to something that they really want rather than having to guess. We all know that shopping can be time-consuming and a bit random. Let's face it, due to COVID-19 restrictions, traffic, and wintry weather, shopping in person can be stressful. This year, I have turned to shopping online. My kids and grandkids have created virtual wish lists, and they have really taken the guesswork out of shopping.

You can do that for yourself with The Stitchin’ Den's Wishlist. It’s easy and can help you keep an organized list of your favorite things to remind of you of your preferences throughout the year. Here is how you do it:

• Log into your account at the upper right corner. You must log into your account before you start saving items to your wish.
Log Into Wishlist

• Now you are ready to shop! When you see something that you like, click on it. Beneath the item, click on the orange banner ADD TO WISHLIST. You will see a confirmation message box, ADDED TO YOUR WISHLIST and the orange banner will switch to REMOVE FROM MY WISHLIST. 

Shop for Your WishList

• If you change your mind, you can just click that banner to remove the item. It is just that simple. You can check your Wishlist and edit it anytime. To remove an item from the list, just click on the picture. You will be directed to its product page where you can click the REMOVE FROM MY WISHLIST banner.

Since I have a husband who is challenged by shopping, having a Wishlist of things that I really want is terrific. He likes to see me unwrap a present, so a gift certificate is not his first choice. I can show him a picture or write a list with the names of yarn and needle sets I want, but he can still feel unsure.  The Wishlist solves that problem because I can share my list with him from the website. Here is how you do it:

After logging into your account, click on My Wishlist. (See the picture above. It is located in an orange box with a star on the right side of any page on our website.) 
• Your Wishlist will will be displayed.
Inventory of my Wishlist
• Here you can select SEND EMAIL or SHARE.
• I selected SEND EMAIL, which opens the box below. Just fill in your name, the email of the recipient, and the BODY section. Note: you must put something in all three of these sections before you can send it.
• Click SEND, and your Wishlist is on its way.
Share My Wishlist

My husband likes to go to the shop to pick up my gift, and the staff at The Stitchin’ Den is there to help. We can access your Wishlist only if you logged in before making it. We have many Wishlists labeled anonymous because there is no link between a specific customer and the Wishlist. We can only look up your Wishlist and help your favorite shopper if you have linked your Wishlist to your name and account, so remember to log in first.

Start building your Wishlist today. Even if you don’t plan to use it for Holiday wishes, it can serve as a place to store the lovely ideas that you would like to remember for future purchases.