On the Road Again with the Tide Beret

     I am on the road again or should I say the fly again and that calls for a portable project. This time, I am taking along the Tide Beret, by Hilary Grant. It is a good way to use some fingering weight yarn from my stash and get ahead on my holiday gift list.
     The pattern calls for 230 yards of yarn (one 25-gram ball of each color), so this is a small project that easily fits into my carry-on or purse. Since I have more gray than cream yarn, I am reversing the colors making the star design light and the background gray. I also want a deeper brim, so that extra gray yarn will come in handy. The deeper brim will also make it easy to fold the lower edge up over cold ears.


     This project meets all the criteria for an air travel project.
⦁ It is small and fits into a small project bag.
⦁ I don’t need many needles or notions (one extra circular needle, a few stitch      markers, and a small retractable take measure). I use the magic loop method so no double-pointed needles are needed.
⦁ A simple pattern that I can remember easily.
⦁ A copy of the pattern (the original is in the book, Knitting from the North) that I  can fold and tuck into my small project bag.
⦁ An audiobook and headphones, so that I can block out the airplane noise.

     I have casted on the stitches and knitted several rows, so there should be no problem getting through security at the airport. Below is a short tutorial on how to achieve a snug join in the round.


   My small project bag fits nicely on my lap, so I will be ready to knit as soon as I hit my seat. In fact, I usually knit from boarding through take-off and landing. With any luck, I will complete the brim on the flight out and begin the fun pattern knitting at my destination. I will give you an update next week.