One Free Pattern + Sale Yarn = Fun

Finding a free pattern to go with pretty yarn that I find on sale is more fun than a treasure hunt. Of course, if I have an orphan skein in my stash to add to a sale yarn to make something new, can turn into a creative exercise. So, I thought that I would share some combinations of sale yarn and projects that are interesting, and fun to make. The yarns are on sale, and I have links to them along with the free patterns.

Let's talk Encore yarn. It has been a best seller at the shop for as long as I can remember and for good reason. It is washable, affordable (even more so on sale), and feels good in your hands. My first two projects use Encore yarn.

The Bankhead Hat (free pattern) + Encore Tweed.

Bankhead Hat
Encore Tweed

This combination is a real winner. The adult XL size is a favorite on Ravelry and in our shop. The deep ribbed edge makes it possible to fold it up for extra ear warmth. This is one of those in-between projects that are fun to knit between larger ones. It is one that I can knit now and tuck away for a Christmas present.



Chevron Baby Blanket (free pattern) + Encore Colorspun.

Chevron Baby Blanket
Encore Colorspun

This baby blanket only takes 620-650 yards, and you can use two colors as pictured or multiple colors. Like Encore worsted, the yarn is a washable worsted weight. The color variations in the yarn would add a fun look.



Trio of Hats Baby Beanie (free pattern) + CoBaSi Tonal by Hikoo.

Trio of Hats Baby Beanie
CoBaSi Solids by Hikoo

This hat is sized baby to adult. The pattern begins with a garter stitch brim, changes to an eyelet pattern, and finishes with a stockinette stitch. The yarn is a cotton, bamboo, silk, and elastic nylon mix. Because it is machine washable and stretchy, it is perfect for hats and kid's projects. The tonal color produces a pretty finished product.


Cakes Two To Tango (free pattern) + CoBaSi Tonal and CoBaSi Solids.

Takes Two To Tango
CoBaSi Solids by Hikoo

This crochet wrap is perfect for mixing colors and is easily adaptable in size. You can make it smaller or larger. Just stop when the size suits you. Because it is a repetitive pattern, it is a good beginner project. I can see this wrap as an essential take-along for cool evenings and air-conditioned restaurants.

I hope some of these combinations have your creative juices flowing. I am ready for some quick projects that I can make now and tuck away as gifts for later.