Slow Stitching Projects: Start Your Own

   Knitting is my go-to activity for creativity and relaxation. However, I enjoy the occasional sewing project. The idea of slow sewing has a certain appeal. I decided to give it a try. One afternoon, I spent a few quiet hours working on my slow sewing project. And, I have to admit, it was creative and relaxing. Here is how I did it. 
  •  I looked to my garden for inspiration. 
  • Then I spent some time digging through my fabric scraps, button collection and embroidery supplies. It was fun to find fabric that incorporated my love of knitting.
  • Next, I pulled out my grandma's old button box; what a trip down memory lane. I had saved extra buttons from the clothing I made for my kids when they were babies and many I inherited from my mom. Believe it or not, I have 3-button cards with 75 cents marked on them!
  • I assembled my supplies scissors,  rotary cuttercutting matSew Straight Guide, embroidery floss, fabric, and of course, button box.
  • I enjoyed playing with the various fabric scraps and settled on a couple I liked.
  • Then I just cut and sewed a base together.
  • I made a few poppies and had a wonderful time digging through the button box to find the perfect shape, size, and color for the center of the flowers.
  • I finished off the project with embroidered flowers. It took me a couple of tries to get the pattern I wanted. It was fun.
I have to say, the process was a creative experience. I found myself completely absorbed in the process and totally relaxed. I saved my little experiment in fiber because I can see putting it into a design for a pillow for my granddaughter. The video below, by Daniela Mellen, may give you some more ideas. Experiment, create, and enjoy.