The Magic of Mosaics

Greenwood Fibers Trunk Show

We are into the first week of the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl and the shop is full of fun yarns, kits, and notions.  One of the newest is the Greenwood Fiberworks Trunk Show. It is full of lovely Yakity Yak Yarn (65% Superwash Merino Wool, 20% Yak, 15% Silk), kits, and project ideas.  There is something wonderful about this yarn.  I have used it for a few projects including the Soldotna Crop Sweater and the Nightshift Shawl.  The silk gives the yarn a beautiful drape, and the hand-dyed colors are rich.  The Soldotna Crop and the Nightshift are on display are part of the trunk show, so you can see just how lovely they look and feel. 

The Nightshift Shawl (right) was fun and easy to knit and not too ambitious a project for a new knitter.   Although it looks complicated, it's easy because it employs the slip stitch.  You knit with the same color back and forth.  The pattern comes from slipping stitches from the previous knit row.

NIghtshift Shawl

Another mosaic pattern that I enjoyed knitting is Walk in the Woods (below left). The is another great pattern to use if you are interested in trying out a mosaic project. The beginning and end of the shawl is stockinette stitch.  Only the middle section is a mosaic.  Knitted with worsted weight yarn, it goes fast., Sueno Worsted by Hikoo or Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash would work well with this pattern.

Walk In The Woods Shawl

If you would like to try this stitch, I suggest that you check out the video tutorial below by Carolyn from Greenwood Fiberworks.

Just remember to pick colors that contrast to achieve the best effect.  A great trick is to take a picture of your colors lined up side by side with your phone.  Then change your picture to black and white.  You want to see a good contrast.  As you can see in the examples below, the dark purple, variegated green, and medium blue contrast nicely in color.  However, the black and white photo shows that there is less distinction between the colors.  That is OK if you want a subtle difference.  I used similar colors along with higher contrasting colors for my Nightshift Shawl (below).

Nightshift Colors Nightshift B&W Nightshift Shawl

However, they don't contrast as well as the trio below. You can see that I used high contrast colors for my  Soldotna Crop.

Soldotna Crop Colors  Soldotna Crop B&W  Soldotna Crop Mosaic

To learn more about Greenwood Fibers, register for a virtual ZOOM event with Carolyn Greenwood of Greenwood Fibers in Utah, hosted by The Stitchin' Den, Estes Park, CO on August 23rd at 10 am MDT.  Learn all about her process of designing and creating luscious hand-dyed yarns. The pre-registration of $5.00 will be credited back to you through a discount code that can be used on future purchases.