Charley Harper Needlepoint

Charley Harper was best known for his Modernist illustrations. His art is widely published in books and posters, and most people would probably recognize his work. 
Charley Harper lived in Cincinnati and passed away in 2007. His stylized designs are hugely popular today, possibly because of their design simplicity and effective use of color.

Charley Harper epitomizes the concept of 'less is more'. He called his style 'minimal realism' because he didn't try to reproduce exactly what he saw, instead he presented the component parts in bare form - and very effectively as well.  Most Charley Harper needlepoint is on 13 mesh canvas but there are some that are painted onto 18 mesh mono needlepoint canvas.

Charley Harper needlepoint is so easy to stitch because there is no shading detail and the color areas are all well-defined and stitch-painted. This is what makes these canvases an excellent choice for beginner and experienced stitchers.

Each Charley Harper needlepoint canvas has been expertly hand-painted by professional needlepoint painters. Canvases are 10 mesh, 13 mesh, and 18 mesh. These designs are easy to stitch and make wonderful framed pieces of art or needlepoint pillows or stockings.

Yarn and other accessories are not included.

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