Circling Charley: Quick & Easy Inset Circles

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Limited number of in person seats available and on Zoom.

Join our guest instructor Dana Jones and master insetting circles into blocks and circles.

Instructor: Special Guest Instructor Dana Jones, a quiltmaker, author, editor and photographer from Gilpin County, Colorado (see below for a bio)

Cost:  $40 minimum of 4 students

Class Size: 25

Number of Sessions: 1 

Date(s):  October 9, 2021 Limited number of in person seats available and on Zoom  

Time:  10am-2:30pm with a 1/2 lunch break

Class Description:  In this class, you'll master insetting circles into blocks and circles, and you'll be amazed how easy it is to do.  Using a technique developed by Cheryl Phillips that requires minimal pinning-eight pins per circle no matter its size-you'll make the first block for this quilt in a few hours.  Then you'll perfect the technique so by the end of the class, you'll likely have made two or more blocks, and you'll know how to continue making blocks for as large a quilt as you want.

Prerequisite skills:  Basic sewing skills

Fabric:  Our shop model features Charley Harper Fabric For each block, you will need the amount of fabric below.  Purchase enough fabric for the number of blocks you want to make.  Each framed circle is inset into a background block.  This is difficult to see in the class sample because of the pattern on the fabric.  You can use one background fabric for each circle, a different one for each circle or several fabrics with each for several circles.

  • Circle Center (bird): 12"x12" square.  If you will fussy cut your center as done in the class sample so the birds can be centered in the circles, you will likely need a larger piece of fabric.  Fat quarters are likely to work.  Before selecting fabric and determining how much you need, place a 12" square ruler on the fabric until the image you want in the center of your circle is positioned as you want it to be in you quilt.  
  • Dark gray border around the center circles:  12" x 12" square.
  • Background block: fat quarter.

Suggest Supplies:

Cheryl Phillips Cut-A-Round Tool:  Standard or Midi size (or other templates or tools to cut 7", 8" and 9" circles)

45mm rotary cutter with new blade(s); 28 mm rotary cutter with new blade if you have one.  (Smaller circles are easier to cut with the smaller cutter.)

6" x 12" or 6 1/2" x 18 1/2" acrylic ruler (or other acrylic ruler(s) to cut squares and rectangles for circle borders and background.) If you have large square rulers-12" x 12" and larger-these will come in handy but you don't need to buy these for this class.

Cutting mat

Midi Template Tool for circles

the cut around tool for circles

Sewing machine with new Microtex needle; 1/4" foot if you have one

Recommended: 1/4" seam guide (Perkins Dry Goods Perfect Piecing Seam Guide, Collins seam guide or similar product)

Masking tape/painter's tape

8 Crystal Glass Head Pins

Aurifil Thread for piecing

Small scissors for cutting thread

Iron and Ironing surface

Recommended: Spray Starch (not sizing or Best Press)


Dana E. Jones, a quiltmaker, author, editor and photographer from Gilpin County, Colorado, began quilting almost 20 years ago. She is a former editor of Quilters Newsletter and the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Journal; has spoken and taught at quilt guilds, museums and shops across the United States. She has written articles and designed patterns for quilt magazines, including Quilters Newsletter, McCall’s Quilting, Quick Quilts, The Quilt Live, Quilts With Style and Quiltmaker. She has recorded how-to videos for TN Marketing, which is now Craftsy/National Quilters Circle. Dana is author of Pagtinabangay: The Quilts and Quiltmakers of Caohagan Island. She is a member of Quirky Quilters in Nederland and second vice president for programs for Colorado Quilting Council. Her quilts have been exhibited at Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and through the American Quilt Study Group. Dana was 2012 artist in residence at the library in Gilpin County, where she did a dozen programs and workshops on quilting for adults and children, and teaches quilt-themed workshops for children at Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center in Cedaredge.

Circling Charley: Quick & Easy Inset Circles
Circling Charley: Quick & Easy Inset Circles
Circling Charley: Quick & Easy Inset Circles
Circling Charley: Quick & Easy Inset Circles