Comfort Fade Cardi Pattern

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This DK weight sweater is our featured sweater for Take a Hike RMNP - Cub Lake.

The Stitchin Den is featuring this beautiful Cardigan pattern to celebrate our "Take A Hike RMNP- Cub Lake" series.  Ali Pate, a local indie dyer and owner of Herd of Cats Yarn", has graciously custom dyed several colorways for this beautiful cardigan in watercolor like interpretations of the beautiful wildflowers we encounter on the hike to Cub Lake. We have limited runs of color in up to 10 skeins each to accommodate the yardage required for this pattern. Shop early to get the greatest selection! Ali's yarns are designed to give an overall hand dyed effect to the cardigan rather than the color fade suggested in the pattern. They can, however, be mixed and matched to achieve a similar fade effect.

Herd of Cats - Cub Lake Comfort Fade Cardi Sweater Specially Dyed Yarn 

Designer Andrea Mowry says, "Another way to fade! This open cardigan is super cozy with its garter shawl collar! The Reverse Stockinette makes a stunning canvas to fade on for the most unique cardigan in your wardrobe!! This cardigan keeps me feeling cozy and stylish all in one!"

Check out our helpful chart to determine how many skeins you will need to create this gorgeous cardi.

Comfort Fade Cardi                    
size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Finished  Bust Circumference 33 36 37.5 39 42.5 46.5 50.5 55 59 63
Total Yardage 1310 1405 1490 1535 1655 1795 1970 2165 2305 2450
# skeins of Herd of Cats 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 9 10 10
Comfort Fade Cardi Pattern
Comfort Fade Cardi Pattern