Smart Stix Deluxe Interchangeable Set (4-11)


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  • Includes 9 pairs of needle tips from US 4 to US 11, 4 Smart Cords (24", 2 x 32", 40"), 8 end caps, 4 Cord keys, and 1 set of cord connectors packaged in a stylish white & silver vegan leather case.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: SmartStix feature 1" color coded sections on each needle, allowing you to ditch the tape measure, and do a quick gauge or length check just using your needle!
  • PERFECT FOR ANY PROJECT: Each needle is made from high quality, light-weight aluminum with perfectly tapered points, making them ideal for whatever project is next on your list, from hats, to cardigans, to intricate lace designs and more.
  • CONSISTENTLY CRAFTED: SmartStix are laser printed on all sides, making each marking consistent and allowing you to check measurements from any angle.
  • COLOR CODED: Each needle features a unique lustrous shade, specific to its size.