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The Stitchin' Den is preparing to celebrate its 22nd anniversary. As the Grateful Dead song Truckin' goes,

Lately, it occurs to me
What a long, strange trip it's been.

22 years has been a trip full of great staff, wonderful customers, supportive vendors, inspirational instructors, rousing events, and fibers and fabrics beyond belief.

My husband Orest retired about two weeks ago and eventually, I would like to retire too. I am committed to finding a way for The Stitchin' Den to remain a place of community, growth, respect and the go-to source for supplies for your needlework, quilting, knitting and crochet projects.

Original Building Appearance of The Stitchin' Den

The look of the shop (right) is from 1965, before we moved in. A lot has changed and it continues -- we are in the middle of a major shop repair project fixing all the water leaks and making the space into a beautiful shop.


 Only the business is for sale -- not the building.


Susan with Pups

Please Contact Susan Directly
If you are interested, please call Susan directly at 970.381.5817. There are many things to consider after being in business for 22 years. The shop has great infrastructure, a growing database, great web presence, social media campaigns and much, more.

Let's Talk!!




The Stitchin' Den is Located in Central Estes Park

The Stitchin' Den Location in Estes Park Colorado