Sprague Lake Loop (Week One)


“Be ready at 6?” Dad both asks and commands. We’re going to Rocky Mountain National Park to hike around Sprague Lake where the parking fills up fast. Dad wants to get there first. Of course, I’d like to beat the crowds and skirt the required entry reservations by showing up while there’s still a nip of night in the early morning, too. But, mornings are not my thing. I start planning how to stretch my dream state as close to our ETD at 6 a.m. as possible. I start to lay out my gear and prepack for a quick departure. Hiking pants, boots, generic t-shirt and my favorite zipper fleece. That’s the easy part.

I open my sock drawer and smile at my options. I love to hide a secret color festival within my brown beat up boots. I have accumulated a bouquet of colorful hand knit hiking socks. Candy colors of squishy wool and nylon from Skacel. I love this Zitron XXL yarn. I love it so much I over gift it, I smother my loved ones with handmade trekking socks. While my feet prefer to hike in wild combinations of self striping squishiness, dad’s footwear preference is more subtle. I wonder, as I pick out a neon sweet swirl to tuck into my boots, will Dad pick the navy blue gradation socks for our hike or the calm gray and green that speckle in camouflage pools? 

 A knock on my door reveals two hand puppets peeking around the door in sockly knitted joy... one of each! “6 o’clock.” He reminds me, with a wink.

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