Sprague Lake Loop (Week Six)



I am awed by the view from the far side of the lake. It is exactly the right season to admire the colors in the bright Colorado light. This must be just exactly the spot that the Fireside Originals Sprague Lake cross-stitch pattern was inspired. Dad and I are planning another trip out here in a few weeks. He wants to spend a day photographing the wildflowers. He's planning a picnic lunch with hummus and pita for me and cold fried chicken for him. Brownies for me.


I think I'll pick up a Sprague Lake pattern and some floss and needles. That would make a perfect project to take on our next visit. Something to keep my hands busy, my eyes open to the scenery as I recreate it on my canvas, and something to keep my mind and tummy distracted as I wait impatiently for dads homemade brownies. I cant wait to see the special,hand over-dyed floss that is included with the pattern!

Buy the Sprague Lake Cross Kit Here