Sprague Lake Loop (Week Three)


On the far end of the lake trail, about half way around, Dad and I sit to take in the view and are charmed by two small children talking to the ducks at the water's edge. Their parents smile and encourage the kids when Dad engages them in conversation.

While I listen to him asking them where they are from, (everyone up here is from somewhere interesting), their parents ask me about my knitting bag. I take it everywhere that I may have a spare five minutes to whip up a few stitches. With Dad actively photographing the landscape and details of our excursion, I have countless opportunities to knit in nature.

My knitted satchel/knitting bag is a dazzling (and impressively complex looking) mimic of the surrounding aspen trees. The black and white bark is replicated in my bag as stripes and dots, marked here and there with coral pink speckles. The couple asks is I purposely matched my accessory to the environment. "But, of course I did!" The other option was my pine green forest wrist Satchel, also knitted from Trekking yarn.

.Buy one skein of Trekkers XXL sock yarn and get the satchel pattern for $3.

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