Sprague Lake Loop (Week Two)




It's early and the air is crisp on the Sprague Lake Trail. Dad and I stop on the wooden bridge that crosses the stream and stop to watch the fish. Spawning season is yet to come, but we always check to see the fish and watch for their rosy red bellies that signify the spawn. The water is so shallow and clear here that it is one place we're nearly guaranteed to see fish up close and personal. Dad takes out his camera and watches the fish through his polarizing lens. He offers the camera to me, so I can see how much more visible they appear through the filter. I compose a great shot, but fumble too much through my gloves to work the controls. I hang the camera strap around my neck and replace my snow gloves with my freshly knitted gauntlets. These fingerless gauntlets will keep my hands and forearms warm while allowing me full use of my fingers for focusing and snapping the shutter. Dad has realized his mistake at handing over the camera, I'll be busy for a while. He continues down the trail. My gauntlets are a coral based colorway and I think of those red bellies I seek in the trout who hide in the ripples and only become apparent when they dart away or cast a shadow from the cold white light of the rising sun.

I tuck my chilling fingers back into my parka and hurry to catch up with Dad.

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