"Wish You Were Here" Quilt Contest

This past year has separated us from family and friends.  The "Wish You Were Here” Quilt Contest is a way to express your wish. The Stitchin’ Den is offering two ways to show your talent for the contest: a Postcard challenge and a Postcard Pocket Quilt challenge.  Complete rules and information in PDF format available here.

A kit must be purchased to participate in each contest -- kit and purchase information:

Example of Postcard Pocket Quilt     Example of Postcard



  • 1st place: $250 store credit (6 month expiration date)
  • Best Use of Embroidery: 900 Stitches ($50 The Stitchin’ Den)
  • Customer voting will count for 50%, one vote per customer.
  • Staff voting will count for 50%
  • Customer voting ends 9/30/21 at 5pm

Important Dates:

  • 04-13-21: Our competition begins.
  • 06-12-21: Last day to purchase kits.
  • 06-26-21: Deadline to enter your quilt and postcards. Last day to bring quilt in to The Stitchin' Den. Quilts received after 06-26-2021 will be disqualified.
  • 07-01-21 to 10-8-21: Quilts and postcards will be on display at The Stitchin' Den.
  • 09-30-21: Customer voting ends at 5pm
  • 10-1-21: Our winner will be announced!
  • 10-22-21: Deadline to pick up quilts and postcards. Winning quilts will remain on display. (Other entries may be picked up beginning 10-09-21.)
  • 12-04-21: Deadline to pick up winning quilts and postcards.

    Disclaimer: Quilts/Postcards will be displayed inside The Stitchin’ Den

    The Stitchin’ Den has the right to publish pictures of quilt and postcard entries, and the designer's name, city, state, and country information.

    The Stitchin’ Den will not be responsible for damage or lost submissions.