Bankhead Hat Pattern

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This hat was named in honor of the designer's?ÿfavorite ghost town; Bankhead (1904-1922). Nestled in the heart of Banff National Park, youƒ??ll miss it if you arenƒ??t paying attention. It was an old mining town that extracted the coal from Cascade Mountain. The settlement has been abandoned for almost a century, yet all that remains today are a few foundations, coal heaps and the stairs that once lead up to the church. Well worth a visit despite its haunting feel.

The 2 parts of this hat remind her of the 2 sections of the town; upper and lower Bankhead, where the houses existed and the industrial area thrived. The simple pattern resembles the train tracks and mine shafts which scatter the mountainside. This hat would have been a favorite among these coal miners.

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