Beginning Quilting

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Learn the very basics of quilting while making a decorative pieced pillow. Be introduced to the use of rotary cutters, Thangles (no, that is not a misprint) grid rulers and other ƒ??tools of the tradeƒ?� and basic quilting terminology.?ÿ

Prerequisite skills:?ÿ None.?ÿ

You will learn to cut and assemble fabric pieces to achieve a small decorative pillow.?ÿ

Dates:?ÿ 2nd Thursday of every month from?ÿ1-3 pm by appointment only at the Stitchinƒ?? Den

Instructor:?ÿ Pati Miller

Class fee is $20 per session.?ÿ?ÿClass fee does not include supplies. ?ÿSupplies must be purchased from The Stitchin' Den; a 20% discount on yarn and supplies purchased for project.