Country Weekend Socks

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From the author of?ÿCountry Weekend?ÿKnits, Madeline Weston's latest book?ÿCountry Weekend Socks presents 25 unique designs knitted in sumptuous wool and cotton yarns. The rich textures and soft natural colorways take their cue from the coastline and countrysideƒ??big skies, choppy seas and fishing boats, sand dunes, driftwood, and beach pebbles, rolling hills, woodland, and old stone walls, heather, moss and autumn leaves.

Virtually any stitch pattern can be adapted to socks, and the ones featured here come from all corners of the British Isles and beyond. They include multicolored designs from Fair Isle, Turkey, and Egypt; intricate lace and openwork knitting from the Shetland Isles; textured gansey stitches from the east coast of England and theWestern Isles of Scotland; and chunky cable and Aran patterns from the Isles of Aran. Some of these traditional patternsƒ??designs dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries ƒ??have been re-created by Margaret Stuart and Margaret MacInnes. Others have been reinterpreted by leading designer-knitters, including Sasha Kagan, Debbie Abrahams, and Rita Taylor. Most of the socks are knitted on four double-pointed needles from the top down; the Turkish and Egyptian patterns are knitted from the toe up; while some lace and intarsia designs are knitted on two needles.

With both long and short styles, there are socks for every occasionƒ??to wear with sturdy walking boots, classic tweeds, pretty dresses, and cozy pajamas.