Fix A Stitch Lace Tool


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Many Fix-A-Stitch fans are familiar with the original tool, but did you realize we have a lace weight version to help you with finer-gauge projects, too?

Bonnie created the Fix-A-Stitch in response to her own need for something that would easily go in and out of lace weight stitches. Its flexibility lets the tool pick up that dropped stitch much more effortlessly than a standard crochet hook could.

Recently, Bon even found ANOTHER great use for the Lace Weight Fix-A-Stitch: An avid machine embroidery user, instead of the thread through the holes on her 10-needle machine, she used the Lace Weight Fix-A-Stitch to pull the thread through. It was MUCH easier. Because the Lace Weight Fix-A-Stitch has a slight bend to it, I could even do the bottom hole, where a traditional crochet hook wouldn't fit.