LickinFlames Handcrafted Sheep Kabobs Shawl Pins


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Our handmade clay shawl buttons are individually decorated which makes each a unique item. Even though we carefully fire each piece in the same manner, variation occurs and gives unique qualities to the piece.

Why did we call them "Kabobs?" Well, it's related to how they are made. We use a expanded metal tray when we fired them. When the trays are put into the post firing buckets of newspaper, the trays often leaves "grill marks" on the back of the we BBQed them...Jim's perculiar sense of humor through "Kabobs" and he's stickin' by the story.

These unique versions of our shawl pin family were designed for use with fibers that might not be able support the larger versions (both large shawl pins and small shawl pins), alpaca  and lace weight yarns for examples. While we call the item a Shawl Button, it can be used as a ornament for a sweater or a hat adornment and some have used it in their hair.

The colors and iridescence on the individual pieces. The shawl buttons takes several weeks to dry and then the finishing can take place. When the shawl buttons are removed from the kiln and cooled, each is washed, dried and a double pronged clip is added to finish the piece.  approx. 1 3/8 x 3 1/4 inches long
LickinFlames Handcrafted Sheep Kabobs Shawl Pins
LickinFlames Handcrafted Sheep Kabobs Shawl Pins