Men's Knits


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Whether youƒ??re a man or a woman, chances are youƒ??re holding this book because you want to find the right knitting project for a man in your lifeƒ??be it your husband, your dad, or your best friend. But men are difficult to buy clothes for, not to mention knit for. They donƒ??t want anything fussy, or too trendy. The color palette needs to be classic and the yarn should be soft but?? durable. They want something comfortable they can wear for years.

So join knitter extraordinaire Erika Knight as she takes on the knitwear that men love. Knight started her career designing menswear and over the decades sheƒ??s completely figured out their clothes-buying mentality. In Menƒ??s Knits, she applies that expertise to come up with 20 projects that guys are sure to wear. Using classic shapes, a mostly neutral palette (but with some teals and chocolates thrown in for the slightly flashier guy), and natural yarns like wool, bamboo, and hemp, every piece is distinctive and stylish.

For men young and old, these designs will become the sweaters, vests, scarves, and hats they reach for again and again. The zipper cardigan is perfect for both reading the paper on Sunday morning and a casual dinner with friends on Sunday night. The herringbone sweater will impress his future boss at his next interview, or his future in-laws at their next family gathering. The argyle vest works on every man, whether heƒ??s buttoned-up or laid back. Together, theyƒ??ll be the new classics youƒ??ll want to knit, give, and maybe even borrow for years to come.

Whether itƒ??s a textured vest or a hand-dyed sweater, youƒ??re sure to find something thatƒ??ll look good on the man in your lifeƒ??and not end up forever buried in his bureau.