Signature Scarves

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Nicky Epsteinƒ??s Signature Scarves delivers what knittingƒ??and Nickyƒ??sƒ??fans have been craving: her hallmark embellished style applied to the simple scarf. Inside there are an array of patterns to delight and inspire: a lovely tweedy wrap with appliqu??d leaves; a scarf comprised of interlocking bright circles; a deceptively cute piece sporting rows of tiny skulls. Felters will especially love working on the scarf made of interwoven cut felted strips, as well as the one thatƒ??s knit-then-felted and adorned with autumn roses. The 35 beautifully laid-out and photographed designs fully display Nickyƒ??s spectacular range and boundless creativity. Ideal as gifts and short-term projects, scarves never lose their appealƒ??and when they feature Nickyƒ??s special touch, theyƒ??re irresistible showstoppers that no knitter will want to miss!

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