Yo-Yo Maker


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Quick Yo-Yo Maker Templates allow you to make evenly spaced stitches to create beautiful gathers. Fold the seam allowance, rounding off to make a nicely shaped yo-yo.

Small Round Finished Size: approximately 1 1/4"

Large Round Finished Size: approximately 1 3/4"

Large Flower Finished Size: approximately 1 3/4"

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Stitch several small yo-yos together into a vest. Line the vest or leave it unlined so the shirt below shows through.  
  • Use yo-yos as appliqué flowers. Add appliquéd leaves and stitch a button to the "flower" center for added dimension.
  • Layer a smaller yo-yo on top of a larger one to create dimensional petals and blooms.  
  • Stitch yo-yos together for a lightweight scarf.  
  • Place yo-yos around pant or shirt cuffs, collars, yokes and necklines.  
  • Create a yo-yo belt or headband.
  • Make a lined eyeglass case or a journal cover.  
  • Join small or large yo-yos (or a combination of sizes) to make a decorative pillow front, trivet or potholder.
  •  Place yo-yos in a border on a placemat or tablecloth.  
  • Attach yo-yos to the rim of a lampshade or on a pillowcase edge.
  •  Make a multi- or single-color yo-yo shower curtain or a set of window curtains.
  • Stitch up a traditional yo-yo quilt or start small with a doll bed coverlet.  
  • Make large yo-yos out of terry cloth and stitch them together for a retro bath rug.  
  • Use a satin, metallic or sheer fabrics for delicate scarves and clothing accents.
  •  Yo-yos are used to embellish quilts, clothing, doll accessories, hair clips, and purses.
  • They can also be sewed together into flat sheets to make blankets, vests, dresses, or Christmas ornaments.
  • Stacks of yo-yos threaded together through their centers make flexible bodies and limbs for dolls or soft animal toys.
  • Yo-yos can be made from fabric scraps and can make even ugly fabrics look like pretty flowers.

Consider yo-yo making as a great craft to do with children or grandchildren!

Yo-Yo Maker
Yo-Yo Maker
Yo-Yo Maker
Yo-Yo Maker